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The elegant design of this monitor with its ultra-narrow bezel makes it ideal for multi-display setups to deliver an almost seamless panoramic view from two or three monitors. With a 2mm ultra-narrow bezel and 4. The ultra-narrow bezels save space and are ideal for creating an almost seamless multi-monitor setup.

Vivid images, lifelike visuals and the latest technology with ° Ultra-Wide Viewing Angles Enjoy quality visuals from any direction and an extra comfortable viewing experience.

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Furthermore, an easy to use settings menu offers intuitive pre-set picture modes to deliver convenient perfect picture for a variety of applications, such as Movie and Game. This technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and reduces eye fatigue and other damaging effects to your eyes; an especially valuable feature when spending countless hours in front of the display working overtime, gaming for long hours or watching movies.

Most LCD Monitors use PWM Pulse Width Modulation to control brightness; the pulsing creates flicker that may cause discomfort, headaches and eye strain, especially in low-light environments.

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Continued exposure to short wavelength blue light may cause eye strain, sleep disorders or headaches. Speakers and Earphone Jack The HSPPB is equipped with two high quality stereo speakers making it super easy to catch up with family, friends and colleagues using video conferencing applications such as Skype. For movies, music, games and home work lecco packaging, you can enjoy convenient sound without the hassle or expense of connecting external speakers.

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Plug your headset to the headphone socket and turn the volume up. Anti-Glare treatment The HSPPB has an anti-glare panel reducing reflective light that otherwise makes the screen difficult to view and causes eye fatigue.

Furthermore, the bezel of the monitor has a matt finish that also prevents light reflection. Display Size.

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